Are you looking to gain strength and confidence, while having a ton of fun?

Plain gym routines aren’t for everyone – it can be hard to stay motivated and excited to exercise. Come explore movement as an artistic expression or simply fall in love with fitness in a way you might not have thought possible.

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring or hard

Just a peek at some of the fun in store for you:

pole dance and fitness

Pole dance and fitness is a great way to up your strength, confidence, and connect with yourself and your body on new levels! Come get your groove on.

aerial Arts

Soar, twirl, and float through the air with the variety of aerial skills offered at Gemini! Lyra, hammock and straps are some of our most popular options. Silks classes are coming soon!

strength & flexibility

Strength and flexibility are invaluable tools for a lifetime of mobility. These skills are a great compliment to all of our other offerings. We have several classes in this category with different focuses!

Partner and Group Acro

Acroyoga and partner acrobatics come in different styles! This is a great option if you want to explore new ways to move your mind and body! 


don’t just take our word for it –

Testimonials from our members:

“Coming from weight training, I found that training with different apparatuses like straps and pole, and working towards skills, helped me stay motivated and enjoy the process. Getting better and seeing everyone's progress keeps me coming.”

    Thomas M.
    Thomas M.


    "I was searching for a gym where I could find new and fun ways to engage in fitness. I never imaged I would gain a whole community of friends. This is the most supportive group of people that encourage my personal goals and my overall well-being. I’m honored to be welcomed here and to get to learn from some of the best trainers in the industry with years of specialized skills and experience."

      Katie S.
      Katie S.


      "Rachel is amazing. I have only been to two classes so far, but she makes it so comfortable and welcoming. I was so nervous my first class but after just a few minutes I felt right at home. I am so excited about my new journey I signed up for 22 more classes. I wanted to recognize Rachel’s ability to create a welcome space for all."

        Katie Y.
        Katie Y.


        Growth and change can be scary -

        But at Gemini, we believe that there’s a few things we can do to make “grow and change” sound more like “glow and challenge.” All of our trainers are here to help you invest in a foundation of health and art without judgment. Our promise to you – 


        From our security measures to the creature comforts in the studio, we do everything in our power to make sure you feel safe enough to leave the ground behind and fly with us.


        Our trainers strive to give each student as personalized an experience as possible, so their needs are accommodated in a way that helps them succeed and smash goals in the studio!


        Each and every class we offer is open to every single body. There are no size or shape limits, no gendered classes, and no experience requirements to get started anywhere in your fitness journey!


        If you have questions or concerns, we have clear channels of communication for you to reach us. We want you to know you'll be heard.

        pricing and packages

        Our most popular options for memberships and credits. See the Gemini Fitness app for the full menu, including one-time drop in and equipment reservation rates!

        6 Class Credit Pack

        If you want to attend classes, but don't have much interest in reserving equipment to train on your own, this is a good fit for you!

        $ 109.99 / 6 credits
        • 1 Credit = 1 Class
        • $25 Savings Over Buying Individual Classes
        • Credits Expire 1 Year After Purchase


        Quartz is best for people wanting to do at least one class each week, and want to reserve equipment outside of class to train!

        $ 75 +tax/month
        • Includes 4 Class Credits Each Month
        • Additional Class Credits Discounted to $15+tax each
        • Free Unlimited Equipment Reservations
        • Personal Training: $55+tax/hr
        • Credits Do Not Expire


        Perfect for people who want to learn a variety of skills! If you want to learn it all and get a a great deal on private training, this is the membership for you.

        $ 199 +tax/month
        • Unlimited Classes!
        • Free Unlimited Equipment Reservations
        • Personal Training: $45+tax/hr

        Our Trainers

        Meet Our Team

        Rachael Mercer

        Founder+Trainer - Aerials, Pole, Strength & Flexibility

        Pattie Weed

        Founder+Trainer - Pole, Strength & Flexibility

        Seth Mikkelsen

        Founder+Trainer - Functional Strength & Acroyoga

        Sarah McHaney

        Trainer - Pole & Circus Arts

        Melissa Vance

        Trainer - Aerials, Strength & Flexibility

        Logan O'Donnell

        Trainer - Silks & Hammock